About Me

Tayramana is a local media production company based in Sana’a Yemen – English language FM radio

About Me

Tayramana FM recognizes first and foremost its position in the cultural matrix of Yemen as a platform for the communication of positive and context-conscious socio-economic development messages to the youth of Yemen. In addition to our usual entertainment-focused programming, we hope to begin developing content that addresses the wide range of socioeconomic initiatives currently being undertaken in the country, and in so doing raise both general awareness of the issues being confronted, as well as the mandates and projects being implemented by NGO’s, civil society, and gender advocacy groups. (?)

Years of Experience
Awards & Honors

Goals of programming in general:

  • Provide quality english language media to the people of yemen.
  • Educate and provide awareness.
  • Encourage local artist.
  • Help buld a foundation to yemen’s advertisement and media market.
  • Provide qualty audio entertaiment without compromising local valuse of religion.
  • Encourage and develop local media production.
  • Build a community outlet where art and media fosters.
  • Create a local radio station that is of interational standards.
  • Discuss community, local and international art.

Service description and programming format:

The service we are offering is as such; working with the client to generate original content to be aired on the station. A trained staff of technicians, writers and hosts will work with representatives of the interested organizations to create shows or ads promoting the work of said organizations, addressing any number of topics. 

Being that there are a wide variety of development programs
being implemented in the country, we aim to be able to create
presentations that are subject-relevant. This means we
will do our best to accommodate the creative format that
interested organizations may want to choose. Some examples
of these creative formats include:

Radio shows: i.e. scripted skits whose content is relevant
to the project being promoted

Panel discussion/explanation shows
Advertisements including music and speaking
Skits involving music and speaking